~ Preparations For Divine Connection ~

~Preparations For Divine Connection~

Enjoy The Calming Benefits Of Marisa Liza Pell’s Meditation CD

Preparations For Divine Connection is the first CD in the Connection Beyond ™ Meditation Series. There are a total of seven tracks on the CD, which can be listened to separately or in order.

Marisa Pell recommends that first time listeners move through the whole CD in order and then use the CD for both daily protection meditations and relaxation following.


  • Opening Your Channel For Intuition*
  • Clearing the body of negativity*
  • Easing anxiety and depression*
  • Healing emotions*
  • Connecting With The Other Side*
  • Cutting emotional cords with draining people*


  1. Opening Your Spiritual Window
  2. Daily Protection Message
  3. Daily Protection Preparation
  4. Daily Protection Meditation
  5. Protection Enhancement & Initial Clearing
  6. Connection To The Sprit World – Initial Meditation
  7. Relaxation For Restful Sleep Meditation

Total Running Time: Approx 50 minutes

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