Connection Beyond & General Intuitive Sessions

Schedule a private office, small group, or phone session with Marisa Liza Pell.

Intuitive Business Consulting

Increase energy, flow and abundance for your small or mid size business.

Real Estate Services

Ensure that you are choosing the right energy for your new home and create the correct flow for the sale of real estate.


Marisa Liza Pell offers a variety of sessions including individual, phone and group options. Marisa bases her sessions around the philosophy that you have free will choices over your path in life. Her sessions act as a guide so that you can design your path with as much insight as possible.

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Toll Free: 877-218-0228

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Connection Beyond Sessions

These sessions are meant for those who would like to receive connection with those who have passed. Marisa believes that timing and divine guidance are the driving forces of these sessions. This would be the perfect choice should you be open to receiving messages from anyone on the other side.

* Disclaimer: Anyone may come through during a session. There is no guarantee of a specific person or message.

in person: $325 ~ 60 minutes
phone: $150 / $300 ~ 30/60 minutes
small family group up to 5 guests: $500 ~ 60 minutes
private group gallery: starting at $1250 – 90 minutes

*All sessions are conducted at one of our three office locations except the full length 90 min group gallery.

Intuitive Insight Sessions

Intuitive sessions are for those seeking guidance in areas of life such as relationships, career, real estate, business and health. Marisa believes in looking at energy pathways and reading those “maps” to determine your current direction and energy. She believes in the power of choice to choose your direction at any time. Intuitive Insight is provided in the form of  detailed channeled messages designed to provide you additional guidance along your path.

*Disclaimer: This is not a “predictive” psychic reading. If you are looking for a future based assessment, we can provide you with a referral.

  • in person: $325 ~ 60 minutes
  • phone: $150 / $300 ~ 30/60 minutes

Business, Relationship & Real Estate Consulting

The consulting packages are designed for those wanting to work toward a specific goal in the above areas. Packages are tailored to each client and are designed for those who need insight on an as needed basis until the project or individual work is completed.

If you are interested in short, mid range or long term consulting, we would love to take the time to set up a phone interview to discuss your needs and how this specific type of consulting can benefit your business and personal development.

  • Pricing is determined per package and tailored to the specific needs of each client.

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