Connection Beyond Sessions & Services

Please see a full list of services and session descriptions in our FAQ section below.

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Specialty Sessions

Please see a full list of services and session descriptions in our FAQ section below.

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Connection Beyond & General Intuitive Sessions

Schedule a private office, small group, or phone session with Marisa Liza Pell.

Intuitive Business Consulting

Increase energy, flow and abundance for your small or mid size business.

Real Estate Services

Ensure that you are choosing the right energy for your new home and create the correct flow for the sale of real estate.

Session Descriptions & Fees

Please note all fees are subject to change without notice. The following reflects our fees and services for the 2016 season. Please check out FAQ page for more in depth descriptions of services. Please see *descriptions* under fee schedule for more detailed information on services.

To Book By Phone: 609-925-1691 (9am-5pm M-F)
Toll Free: 877-218-0228

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Phone Sessions

starting at
$150/half hour
  • Phone Session: $150 (Length: 30 minutes)
  • Phone Session: $300 (Length: 60 minutes)
  • Half Hour Sessions Include The Choice Of One:
  • Connection Beyond ® Sessions
  • Medical Intuitive Sessions
  • General Intuitive Sessions
  • Hour Sessions May Include More Than One Type
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Private Sessions

starting at
  • In Office Session For One: $325 (Length: 60 minutes)
  • In Office Session For Two Guests: $375 (Length: 60 minutes)
  • Session Options Include:
  • Connection Beyond ® Sessions
  • Medical Intuitive Sessions
  • General Intuitive Sessions
  • Relationship/Partnership Consults
  • Business/Real Estate Overviews
  • Ability to Mix & Match Session Types
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Private Groups

starting at
  • Up to 5 Guests In Office: $500 (60 minute session)
  • Up to 10 Guests In Office/Private Residence: $1250 (1.5 hour session)
  • Mileage/Travel Fee Additional For Groups At Private Venue/Residence
  • Pricing available for groups of 10+.
  • Options are tailored to each group
  • Two Hour Private Groups of up to 10 guests are also available at our office.
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Business/Real Estate

starting at
$Packages Vary/call for options
  • Retainer Based Ongoing Corporate Project Options
  • Hourly Packages For Business Owners/Corporations
  • Intuitive Development Seminars/Workshops
  • On Site Assesments
  • Start Up/Entrepreneur Options
  • Partnerships with top market agents
  • Plans available at no cost to you
  • Various options available for sellers/buyers
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Connection Beyond® Session Descriptions

Please take a moment to review the elements of each session before contacting us to book to see what session most meets your needs!

Connection Beyond® Sessions

In this session, Marisa connects with those who have passed away. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL CONNECT WITH A SPECIFIC PERSON. Consider this carefully before making an appointment. We recommend that you do NOT book directly after a passing. There is a time of transition for both for the loved one in spirit and for the family that is necessary prior to making the connection.

For Two Person Sessions: THESE ARE NOT TWO SEPARATE SESSIONS. There is no guarantee that messages will come through for both people at the session. WE RECOMMEND BRINGING AN IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER, so that both will benefit equally. Be selective with who you decide to bring.

Connection Beyond® Sessions

Important Appointment Disclaimers

  • We cannot guarantee a specific person during a Connection Beyond session.
  • You must be open to hearing from anyone during a Connection Beyond session.
  • When Marisa is receiving messages, it is a not a two way conversation.
  • Marisa will interpret the messages to the best of her ability.
  • Recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.

General / Medical Intuitive 

THESE SESSIONS ARE NOT PSYCHIC READINGS. Intuitive guidance is provided into the energy surrounding practical life issues such as health, relationships and career. Detailed information is presented surrounding your pathway and next steps. If you would like an in depth description of the difference between psychic readings and intuitive channeling, please see our FAQ section below.

Medical Intuitive Sessions are also an option within this category.


General / Medical Intuitive 

Important Appointment Disclaimers

  • **Marisa Liza Pell is not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose or treat a medical condition**
  • Marisa Liza Pell will not make decisions about your medical care.
  • Marisa Liza Pell has a referral base of Medical Doctors & Holistic Practitioners that she refers.
  • We believe you have free will to make your own decisions and apply the insight received in the reading.

Relationship & Couples Sessions

These sessions revolve around all aspects of love and relationships. From looking into the present at the current energies of a partnership, to looking at patterns of past partnerships to begin anew, every aspect of relationship will be focused on. These sessions involve a combination of practical action steps and intuitive insight to help you achieve your highest relationship goals and potential.

You may begin with one session, or choose to work on a weekly or monthly basis to implement the changes on all levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual to raise your vibration and experience spiritual and soulmate relationships you truly desire!


Relationships & Couples Sessions

Important Appointment Disclaimers

  • The purpose of these sessions is to help you meet your relationship ideals/goals.
  • There are no guarantees of the certain outcomes of the relationships in assessment.
  • When working with couples, Marisa will not take on either as an individual client.
  • Insight is provided, but the final decisions are up the person receiving the guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Psychic And A Medium?

Various Types of Intuitive Work

Definitions of Various Types of Intuitives and Session Descriptions:

Mediumship & Channelled Messages

  1. Communicate messages from those on the other side to those that are living
  2. Cannot “call-up” one specific person or message
  3. Those on the other side may issue advice, warnings, or aid on certain matters
  4. The primary purpose is to act as a “messenger” between this world and the next
  5. Animals may also come through alongside those on the other side
  6. The purpose of having this type of session is for healing and peace
  7. Sessions also help those on the other side take care of unfinished business so that they are able to cross over or move onto their next phase of spiritual development
  8. There are many mediums who possess clairvoyant ability, but their purpose is not to predict future events

Medical Intuitives

  1. A medical intuitive is NOT a doctor and cannot treat or diagnose a medical condition
  2. A medical intuitive’s primary purpose is to give insight into imbalances in the various fields on the body including the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual centers
  3. People who have chronic issues and are unsure about the root cause may consult a medical intuitive
  4. Sometimes, people with chronic pain may have an unresolved trauma or emotion that has built up over the years
  5. The medical intuitive usually has a network of professional referrals such as Integrative Medical Doctors, Holistic Professionals and Alternative Therapists who can be of aid to your healing process
  6. A reputable medical intuitive should never make a decision about your medical care

General Intuitive Messages (WHAT WE OFFER)

  1. May be asked for guidance on the same areas of life such as health, relationships and career that a psychic may answer – however the method is very different
  2. An intuitive channel will receive guidance from a spiritual source to provide insight into the various paths you can choose in any given situation
  3. There are no divination tools or cards used in this process
  4. The guidance is not set in stone
  5. It is up to you, the client, to make your own decisions
  6. You are in charge of your future An intuitive channel will give you insight into where each path may lead, but the road taken is up to you
  7. Your free will decisions may alter your course
  8. Each path presents lessons. There is no “right” or “wrong” choice. Rather there are choices which present more difficult lessons
  9. The purpose of an intuitive channel is to provide you with insight into which course is most aligned with your divine purpose, and which one may present obstacles or difficulties
  10. This work does not provide answers or quick fix solutions, but rather presents the obstacle and provides insight into how you can work on the solution
  11. You have to do the work to get results
  12. For example, if you don’t make a decision to leave a destructive relationship and change your patterns of negative partners, how are you going to find your divine soulmate that is destined for you?


  1. A psychic reading is usually given using a focal method of divination such as tarot cards, tea leaves, regular playing cards, pendulums, or angel cards. Some psychics go against the grain and may watch patterns of living animals to read people. SomeNative American readers use doves and pot belly pigs to help with readings
  2. A psychic will usually make future predictions for your life
  3. Some psychics can also see into the past
  4. Psychics may use various methods to access information such as clairvoyance (Clear seeing), clairaudience(clear hearing), clairsentience (a sense of “knowing”), empathic feelings (sensations in the body), psychometry (holding a signifcant object belonging to the person) or prophecy (seeing future events in dreams)
  5. On average, a person will go to a psychic who has questions such as “Is there a new relationship in my future?”, “Where is my career headed?”” or “Do you see a move for me?”
  6. The psychic reads you in the present moment
  7. A psychic provides answers and makes predictions
What is your cancellation policy?

24 Hours Notice by phone is REQUIRED or the full fee is charged for the appointment.

What exactly IS Intuitive Business Consulting?

Intuitive Businesses Strategy & Consulting Services

Every day, decisions need to be made that have major long term effects on the productivity of your business. Rushed decisions may be made purely on a practical level that could cost you in the long run. Intuitive Business Consulting (sm) for the CEO, Entrepreneur or Management Team offers the following benefits.

  • Hiring loyal and honest employees.
  • Management & Analytics of Overall Business Operations
  • Partnering with the right business professional/corporate entities
  • Knowing the underlying pros and cons before making important decisions
  • Making the right financial investments
  • Choosing the best location for your business
  • Investing on the right advertising and marketing plans.
  • Knowing how to motivate individual employees based on their needs to increase your sales and maximum performance.
  • Individualized tools to build your business

Intuitive Success Coaching

Motivational seminars only motivate your employees for as long as the seminars last. Sooner or later, your employees turn back to their inner world where they are distracted by personal issues, stress and lack of balance. Overall happiness comes from developing a healthy relationship with themselves over the long term.

About Intuitive Success Coaching For Corporations

  • Are your employees lacking focus?
  • Is it difficult to find the perfect motivational speaker?
  • Are you trying to accommodate mood swings and unproductive behavior?
  • No matter how hard you try, do they always seem drained and unhappy?
  • Are managers and team members misunderstanding each other?

These are just a few of the challenges businesses face. Your employees are intelligent, motivated and experienced but may lack a healthy relationship with themselves.

Everyone is in search of the same gifts life has to offer: personal happiness, wellbeing and serenity. The answers lie within each individual. The mission of Knowledge For Living, Inc. is to bring out the best in each employee so that personal excellence shines through effortlessly.

President/ CEO Marisa Liza Pell, M-A specializes in a unique type of corporate consulting. Born with heightened intuitive abilities and an entrepreneur herself, she combines these skills with motivation in a service called INTUITIVE SUCCESS COACHING.

Some challenges your employees face may include:

  • Low self esteem (despite a confident outward appearance)
  • Perfectionism
  • Addiction (i.e alcohol, food, nicotine, relationships)
  • Inability to ask their employer to meet their needs
  • Poor relationship habits with partnerships, peers and authority figures

YOUR EMPLOYEES JUST WANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD. However, it’s difficult for your management team to read minds! Leave that job to Knowledge For Living, Inc., where Intuitive Success Coaching addresses root issues both within the individual employee and the company as a whole creating an atmosphere of harmony, balance and wellbeing.

Corporate packages are individually designed to meet your company needs. Please call 877.218.0228 go to our contact us page to schedule a consultation.

What are the age requirements for a session?

Our recommended age for a session is 18+. We do, however, understand the need for those under 18 to connect to someone special that has passed. We leave this at the sole discretion of the parent/guardian who must be present at the time of the session. The session will not be edited based on the age of the attendee. The parent/guardian booking a session with someone under 18+ understands by booking that there may be sensitive and/or graphic information regarding a passing relayed. The parent/guardian takes sole responsibility for party under 18 and by booking is providing permission to provide the session.

Can I bring a friend/family member for support?

Due to anyone being able to be read or receive messages during a session, the additional person is required to be a paying participant. We offer two person sessions at a small additional fee for those who would like to share this session with a family member. We also offer small family groups of up to 5, and larger home groups of 10+.

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