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Alex A

Psychic Readings, Remote Viewing, Psychometry, Career Path, Relationships

Alex has a passion for intuitive readings! For many years before taking classes, Alex had many "intuitive experiences". An entrepreneurial spirit by nature, Alex enjoys motivating clients during readings to pursue their dreams and goals. If you are looking for someone to sugar coat information, you may want to choose another reader! Alex is practical and to the point, and there is no mistaking his intuitive advice and direction. He has close to a decade of experience giving readings. His information comes quickly and clearly. Alex can be seen periodically on the "Marisa and Friends" show on Marisa's YouTube Channel. He will definitely inspire and motivate you along your path!

Education & Experience: Alex is a Certified Professional Reader through the Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program facilitated by Marisa Liza Pell.

Elise S

Mediumship, Tarot, Psychometry, Intuitive Messages

Elise likes looking into the long term with her readings. Very early in her life, Elise has had some form of mediumship through her dreams, communicating to spirits and getting "gut feelings" that in the end usually would come true. She is endearingly referred to as the "ghost hog", because there is always someone trying to get a message through or to her from the other side. Elise specializes in several forms of mediumship and intuitive work. She also uses psychometry (holding a personal object of the person and reading the vibration from that object). In doing this exercise, Elise can channel the history of the object or a memory. This, along with the use of tarot cards as a guide, is when Elise's most powerful readings have occurred. She receives her messages clairvoyantly (visually), audiovoyantly (sounds) and/or with smells. Once she interprets what the message is, she is able to give you guidance to help you make informed decisions in love, health and career. So, have your questions ready for Elise when she reads you.

Education & Experience: Elise is a Certified Professional Reader through the Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program facilitated by Marisa Liza Pell.

Gerri W

Tarot or Angel Readings, Intuitive Messages & Life Direction

Gerri is your "go to" reader for an overall view of your life path. If it's career, love or relocation on your mind, Gerri has knack for organization in her readings, and can give you a foundational "layout" of what to expect in the upcoming months, or sometimes even years out. In addition to practical insight, Gerri specializes in Angel Readings and has a special connection to individual angel messages for her clients!! In addition, Gerri's friendly and positive outlook will leave you feeling much lighter and inspire you to move forward. Not only will you receive both practical and spiritual messages, but you will also have insight on how to structure your decisions along the way!! Gerri uses both tarot and angel cards to provide a special and individualized experience for everyone!

Education & Experience: Gerri is a Certified Professional Reader through the Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program facilitated by Marisa Liza Pell.

Heidi F

Spiritual Guidance, Channeled Messages, Mediumship & Intuitive Insight

With a background in art, Heidi weaves her expertise in aesthetics, symbolism and metaphor into a reading experience. Heidi takes you on a journey into your spiritual place to discover the path of your Earthly responsibilities as well as what lessons your spirit is on at the present moment. At a deep level, you will understand Heidi’s insight. Heidi is passionate and strong willed, and while understanding, will not let you get away with being dishonest with yourself or your current situation. Heidi is a trusted advocate, and not only will provide insight, but will provide motivation to make your “next step” decisions.

Education & Experience: Heidi is a Graduate Reader through the Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program facilitated by Marisa Liza Pell.

Lucy P

Psychicdings, Mediumship, Spirit Guide Messages and Channelled Insight

Lucy is a 2nd generation naturan born psychic clairvoyant and medium from the UK. She has read for around 18 thousand clients during the years and is totally passionate about what she does...however she does not sugar coat anything and will tell you the truth about your situation. Lucy also connect to Angel Energies and also connects to your Spirit Guides and beloved pets on the other side. Lucy lives in a tranquil setting in the South of England and loves helping her clients in every area of life!

Education & Experience: I am a 2nd generation natural psychicclairvoyant, medium, empath. I have worked for about 18 years for U.K. companies, my knowledge & training have increased with me working seven days per week in the past, dealing with life situations and all types of people.

Marisa Liza Pell

Spiritual Medium, Medical Intuitive and Intuitive Insight

Marisa Liza Pell, M.A. is one of the world’s youngest spiritual mediums who has also been graced with the gift of Medical Intuition. Her work has also been featured on various TV and radio programs in addition to print. Her clients claim that she is known best for the “details” she is given when messages come through. Come and experience how the other side communicates and experience messages of hope, love and strength from beyond! ***PLEASE NOTE MEDIUMSHIP SESSIONS ARE A 20 MINUTE REQUIREMENT. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF A SPECIFIC PERSON OR MESSAGE. ANYTHING UNDER 20 MINUTES IS GENERAL INTUITIVE ONLY: MEANING LIMITED TO RELATIONSHIP, CAREER, HEALTH, AND PERSONAL INSIGHT***

Education & Experience: Marisa Liza Pell, M.A., President and Founder of Knowledge For Living, Inc. and Connection Beyond ™, has been advising individuals and groups for close to fifteen years. She is internationally known as a gifted spiritual channel and medium, medical intuitive, inspirational speaker, writer, and intuitive business consultant. She appears as a regular expert on CBS3 Philadelphia and her work was nationally featured on FOX News in addition to NBC, live international webcasts, and many major market morning drive radio shows.

Robin O

Mediumship, Psychic Readings and Channeled Information

Since early childhood, Robin has had experiences with metaphysical abilities, particularly clear hearing and seeing. As a reader, Robin connects with spirits on the other side, experiences remote viewing during readings (visions in the present time), and clairvoyant visions in the areas of healing, career, relationships, and spiritual paths. When she connects to spirit, she usually experiences strong physical sensations from that spirit, which assists in delivering the messages with more clarity. Because of her strong sensations as well as clear audio/visual messages, she is able to translate messages with accuracy and provide insight in all areas of life. Young spirits on the other side seem to gravitate toward Robin, as she does have a gift of relating with children. Robin messages come from a place of compassion, healing and understanding and are aligned with your highest good. To benefit most from your reading with Robin, please have a question ready or just allow a loved one to come through.

Education & Experience: Robin is an Independent Guest Reader on the Knowledge For Living, Inc. website.

Victoria S

Psychic Readings, Intuitive Messages, Tarot, Relationship and Career Insight

Certified Professional Reader and Fall 2009 Graduate, Victoria grew up in a very intuitive friendly family and always had a knack for sensing things. She receives information visually and often hears a word or phrase. While in school her analytical training as a structural engineer stifled her ability; she often tried to justify "strange happenings" logically and turned her back on the ability. It was becoming more difficult to justify away the events and details being received, so she began to embrace the information. She realized that she could effectively and more powerfully connect using tarot cards as a focus tool. Victoria's readings are direct and on point. Victoria's detailed readings offer an array of intuitive advice in love, finance, and health. She is passionate about helping people and prays that her readings provide clarity and strength to those who seek it.

Education & Experience: Victoria is Certified Professional Reader through the Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program facilitated by Marisa Liza Pell.

Yona B

Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Channeling and Feng Shui

In addition to metaphysical work, Yona is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Energy Fields Clearing Practitioner. Yona was born and raised in Israel. In 1960 the family moved to England and then onto America. At age five she was accidentally electrocuted by a faulty plug and the 'seeing dreams' began. The dreams came true within weeks (Yona dreamed of JFK and Bobby Kennedy's deaths). Yona has studied the Kabala, Tibetan Tantric Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki, Astrology, Energy Fields Clearings and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Now she is filled with joy for the opportunity to use her 'mediumship' and medical intuitive channels to help provide insight and guidance to others.

Education & Experience: Yona is a Certified Professional Reader through the Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program facilitated by Marisa Liza Pell. Yona is certified and has been providing services for over 15 years in; Integrative Tibetan Tantric Feng Shui and New Paradigm Feng Shui, Energy Fields Clearing, Dowsing, and 9 Star Ki Astrology.